A Commitment to Sustainability

Hurtigruten was founded in 1893 out of a need to reduce travel time within Norway. Back then, Hurtigruten took on the responsibility of moving mail from one port to the other and still provides this service today. This means we can travel the Norwegian Coast throughout the year!

Although not considered an EXPEDITION CRUISE, we include mention here of “The Classic Roundtrip Voyage” from Bergen to Kirkenes to Bergen – a top bucket list voyage for most Canadians. Best time for this cruise is from September to April — experience 24 hour daylight and the Northern Lights!

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Hurtigruten has maintained its position as a leading expedition cruise line and has continuously renewed its fleet to deliver a wide range of services – to the local who hops on for a short ride and to the tourist who seeks excellence in cuisine and accommodation. The company places much stress on the quality and qualifications of its staff and crew, and more recently has undertaken a lead position on green technology and sustainability.

Daniel A. Skjeldam, Hurtigruten CEO on green technology: … [use of] green fuels to lessen our emissions and banning single-use plastic to help save the single biggest threat to our oceans.”

The Hurtigruten Experience - “Expect The Unexpected”

“The places we explore are fantastic— full of life and scientific phenomena that you don’t find anywhere else. That’s why our Science Center and lectures are so great for our guests. They take you even deeper into the destination and open up a whole new world”. Dr. Verena Meraldi Chief Scientist

Expert guides are specialists in their field, and selected for your specific voyage and itinerary. They  will join you on included activities, host lectures, and lead  educational sessions on board and ashore.

In the Science Centre, attend in depth lectures on history,  wildlife, glaciology, culture,climate change, and sustainability. Destination-specific themes will  provide context to your expedition cruise and help you better understand the destinations you visit.


NOTE: Should you be seeking Hurtigruten’s Ocean Cruises, not Expedition Cruises listed here please CLICK HERE. Hurtigruten also offers World Cruises.


earn why Alaska is a true frontier.


Learn why Antarctica is unlike any other destination.

Caribbean & Central America

Venture into tropical paradise in the Caribbean & Central America.

Greenland & Iceland

Discover how Greenland and Iceland are magically diverse.

North America

Discover North America from a whole new angle.

South America

Explore the spectacular variety and rich, cultural treasures of South America.

“I expected to see extreme natural beauty and to learn about the coast of Norway. What really surprised me on board was the exceptional food. Great variety and quality, and everything was fresh. In my opinion, this is the best food I’ve had on any cruise line.”

Dean C – San Francisco

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