National Geographic / Lindblad Expeditions

National Geographic Expeditions span the globe and are designed to reflect our travelers’ broad spectrum of interests. We travel on land, aboard small ships, along classic train routes, and in the comfort of a private jet, and we offer special trips for photographers, students, families, and independent travelers. When you travel with us on an expedition, you’ll enjoy boundless opportunities to be surrounded by natural wonders and exotic wildlife, to explore celebrated archaeological sites, to learn about different cultures and share in local traditions. A National Geographic expert or expert team accompanies most expeditions, sharing their knowledge and passion for a region and making each experience enriching and unforgettable.

Sample Destinations

From Antarctica to Alaska, our expedition cruises—operated through our alliance with Lindblad Expeditions—bring you to some of the most remote and pristine places on the planet. Traveling aboard the National Geographic-Lindblad fleet, you’ll explore alongside a dynamic expedition team—seasoned photographers, marine biologists, historians, or naturalists, as well as a National Geographic-Lindblad certified photo instructor trained to help you take your best photos. Flexibility is built into each itinerary, so that we can take advantage of wildlife sightings or other spontaneous opportunities that arise. Our nimble expedition ships can navigate narrow waterways and small harbors that larger vessels cannot reach, and they’re equipped with exploration tools such as kayaks or paddle boards, snorkeling gear and Zodiacs, hydrophones and underwater cameras, so that you can discover wild places close up.

This is best trip I have ever taken (I travel 3-4 times a year).

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Pacific Northwest

Venture into the natural and human history of the Pacific Northwest—and discover its modern charms and formidable culinary scene as well.

You’ll take a Zodiac cruise, stroll forests and historical sites, kayak, and visit out-of-the-way art galleries and museums—all in the company of an attentive and fun expedition team, who are your experienced guides in discovering the best of Pacific Northwest travel.

Canada Wildlife - A mix of temperate, boreal, and arctic species

We pass through the narrow Straits of Belle Isle, where all sea life transit. Our naturalists will keep a keen eye on the horizon for seals, dolphins, and porpoises that are common in the region.

The birdlife of Canada is impressive.. Be on the lookout for Harlequin ducks, American black oystercatchers, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, and sandhill cranes during our hikes and Zodiac cruises.


Discover a rich web of history & diversity

Explore a jungle-choked fort

The islands are filled with old forts, cannons, and stories of pirates and rum, making them a natural destination for the historic square-rigger Sea Cloud. We’ll have many opportunities to glimpse a storied past through the window of time. On Dominica, for example, we’ll get a romantic view of the history of warring nations, pirates, and privateers, when we hike to an old fort where jungle vines wrap around old cannons and wind through dungeons.

Antarctica Wildlife

The number one draw for most Antarctic wildlife cruise travelers is: penguins. Gentoo, Adelie, chinstraps in the thousands; rockhopper, macaroni and king penguins in the Falklands; and king penguins at a staggering scale in South Georgia. Our Daily Expedition Reports have documented sightings of a rare black and a rare white penguin, as well as a lone Emperor colony at our farthest south.

Antarctica: Going Boldly

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