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‘Round trip San Francisco - 180 days -15 Jan 2023 – 13 Jul 2023 - also San Francisco to New York - 200 days - 15 Jan 2023 - 02 Aug 2023

Oceania Cruises is renowned for its cuisine “The finest cuisine at sea” fashioned after Jacques Pepin. It led the way in changing cruise attire from formal wear to business casual — a change frowned upon by traditionalists (at the time) but welcomed by most. Oceania’s ships range in passenger-carrying capacity from 684 to 1,250. At the cusp of Premium and Luxury, Oceania delivers excellent value for money allowing choices that scale to budget.

Interesting Voyage Facts

Continents Visited: 4

Countries Visited: 33

Time Zones Crossed: 24

Islands Visited: 27

Ports Visited: 96

Unesco World Heritage Sites Accessible: 61

Overnight Stays: 20

Oceans Cruised: 3

Seas Cruised: 14

Number of Times Equator Crossed: 4

International Date Line Crossed: 1

Largest Population: Tokyo, Japan 37,393,000

Smallest Population: Puerto Chacabuco, Chile 1,600

These 2023 World cruises by Oceania sold out virtually overnight. Bookings opened January 27th and all staterooms became waitlisted except for two Ocean View categories within one day! Regardless, rather than shrugging and postponing the realization of your bucket list items – Call Us! We can review alternatives with you or assess the viability of getting on board – i.e. the stateroom category of your choice becoming available.

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Watch Oceania’s short video on its World Cruise “Around the World in 180 Days”

From San Francisco to San Francisco – 07 Jan 2023 to 30 May 2023

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